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I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.


Trek Allant Green Bike

This weekend the boy and I went on the hunt for a new bike so I can attempt to exercise whilst commuting. Amongst the 200 bikes in any of the different stores we went in were approximately 15 for women. Amongst those, 14 had butterflies/flowers in bright “I’m a little girl” colours leaving only a black bike with go faster stripes and whooshes in various places. Needless to say, none appealed to me but I resigned myself to the fact that it shouldn’t be about how it looks but the price and quality that matters and after discussing the pros and cons to a man with oil on his hands (I took this to mean that he knew what he was talking about) and having him direct every response to the boy (except when he was suggesting I could get a basket for all my ‘bits’ which I can only assume he was referring to tampons and make-up) I decided on a sturdy, stable hybrid with go faster stripes.  And then in a magazine I saw this beauty. Pistachio green. Unassuming. Delicious. I love it and I have to have it. And I will. It is mine and mine alone!