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Crafty Challenge: Day Two


Day two and I’m starting a very, very early Christmas present for my lovely partner, so details are staying private for the time being. But as I wanted to have something to show for my evening I am attempting to make my own headbands. Well, at least I’m thinking about starting to attempt to make my own headbands. It’s just doodles on a notepad in front of Glee at the moment. I’m taking inspiration from ones I already have and some of these pretty things from Whippy Cake.

Pretty Headbands


Crafty Challenge: Day One


I am giving myself a crafty challange. I want to make something every day. I don’t know what it will be yet. I might even class dinner as part of it if I get desperate but I will try for something better. I’m quite determined to get good at this craftyness lark and hopefully one day have a stall and sell it all! As I have only just thought of this and it’s 7.30pm, today’s challenge couldn’t quite be classed as any good and by no means original. But here it is anyway…

Teatime print on Fabric

I used material from a canvas bag and a pretty stamp that I picked up at Fred Aldous craft shop in Manchester and then popped it in a pretty frame that I had hanging around. I should have really used fabric paint but as I wouldn’t be washing this then I figured it didn’t really matter. Pop it next to a gorgeous plant given to me by the boy and today’s challenge is complete!

Amazing Romans!


How do you make a roman blind?* With great difficulty, 8 hours and LOTS of supervision. After watching a lot of Kirstie’s Homemade Home and knowing that the glass blowing and plate making was probably out of reach I thought I’d try my hand at roman blinds, so I booked myself on a course at Pebble Blossom and here are the results! (Better pictures to follow when I attach it to the window properly)

*I would be remiss not to include my boyfriend’s response… You poke him in the eye!